Our Story

SunOven was born from founder Alexis Davis’s desire to create wholesome artisan bread that everyone can enjoy, regardless of food allergies or preferences. A Southern California-based wife and mother of three, Alexis could not find a gluten-free bread that was both pure and delicious enough to satisfy her growing family—so she made it herself. The result was a soft, hearty buckwheat bread that appeals as much to foodies as to those with allergen-free diets. All products are crafted from a careful mix of gluten-free and vegan ingredients grown under the sun, SunOven delivers all the flavor of gourmet products, without the gluten, dairy, additives, preservatives or pesticides. Each batch is lovingly hand-crafted and delivered fresh to local shops, stores, and restaurants in California.

Special orders (holiday orders)

During the holiday's SunOven will partner with Beacon Coffee to offer pre-ordered products. The order form will be posted here and available at both Beacon Coffee locations (Ventura & Ojai) as well as online at https://www.beaconcoffee.com/sunoven-holiday.

Please download the order form, complete your order and bring your form into a Beacon Coffee Location, or order online.

What We Offer

gluten-free bread & buns

Bread & Buns

SunOven was born from one mom's hope to make healthy, yummy gluten-free bread for her family. The bread and buns are the heart of the bakery

gluten-free Baguettes & Bagels

Baguettes & Bagels

As the bakery grew, so did its offerings of bread products. Baguettes are formed by hand and baked at a very high temperature to get a crispy, golden outside while the inside remains soft. And the bagels have been a family morning favorite!

gluten-free Pastries


When SunOven moved to Ojai we could not help experimenting with the local herbs & produce. Lavender doughnuts, rosemary shortbread, maple fennel scones are some of the locals’ favorites. However, the hand rolled, small batched cinnamon rolls are a daily must have!

gluten-free Seasonal Goodies

Seasonal Goodies

From frost your own doughnut birthday parties, cranberry-walnut boules, matcha-ginger St. Patrick's doughnuts, peppermint cocoa scones, pumpkin rolls, to take & bake cinnamon rolls, the requests and creative bakery minds are always flowing. The holidays bring a special meaning to baked goods and SunOven offers a pre-order for family gatherings.

Giving Back

At SunOven we work together to nourish the community one loaf at a time.

Here are just a few of the charities & events we support:

  • Girls Empowerment
  • Greater Goods
  • Bake & Gather
  • Oak Grove School
  • Laundry Love
  • Los Padres Forest Watch
  • Ventura Charter School
  • Local youth sports
  • OYES
  • Paso Pacifico